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    I remember you i was in 1st Div also. those were some great time. Do you remember the swim call. How bout when the White Plains hit us, i believe that was the name of the ship that hit us.

    Doug Glisson

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    Wow, reading all of these messages sure does being back memories. I was SN Doug Glisson at that time and was in 1st Div. I do remember Carl Combs some of the other names I vaguely do remember. Some of the people I remember well and hung out with were Jim Hatter, Carroll Brand, Keith Carlson all were in 1st Div also. I was on the Ashtabula for her last West-Pac. I remember the swim call and when we anchored at Pattaya beach

    I would enjoy going to a reunion. I live close to St. Louis Mo. Does anyone know if there will be a reunion near there?

    Doug Glisson

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    I would be interested. thanks for the info


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    Yes, that would be great. I would like to see it. I don’t have to many pictures from back then. Thanks


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    Did the “Doug Smith” you are looking for strick for Postal Cleck out of Deck Div?

    Bula Shipmate

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    81-82 SN / DECK DIV.

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