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    Hello Fellas,

    I have moved from New Orleans and now live in Scotland. It was either that or move into a home. So I decided to live with my son. Ater lossing so much to Hurricane Katrina I just had a very bad time with my health. I can’t work anymore and I have a hard time doing many things now. To contact me send an e-mail to rguillot12@hotmail.com

    Have fun fellas and keep writing
    R. A. Guillot, USN (Ret)

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    Paul, I am sorry but I can’t make it this year. I am still trying to put things back together here in New Orleans. We are having a rough time here. It seems like we are taking two steps backwards every time the government tries to give us one step forward. It seems like every time Bush does something for us the Democrats take it away and push us backwards. Hope you guys have a good time and have plenty of laughs. R. A. “Cookie” Guillot

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    Thank you for that ck. It is surley needed. I don’t know what to do about getting a vehicle. I can’t get enough time off to go looking for one. I am home in New Orleans now and working hard to put things together. We only have a fourth of our employees back. A few died during the hurricane or were drowned in their homes and some don’t want to come home. FEMA is paying them to stay away. I can’t live like that, I like working for my living. Thanks again for sending that check my way.

    Ricky Guillot

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    Hurricane Rita

    Just when we thought we had had enough,
    Along came Rita in the rough.

    Like all before, she started out as nothing,
    Came into the Gulf of Mexico, and became something.

    The Big Easy was just drained,
    When we saw Rita we were much pained.

    They patched the levee break,
    Which was a piece of cake.

    But with another storm coming in,
    We were afraid of another of natures sin.

    Rita passed the city, to the South,
    And flooded the Ninth Ward again, like a punch in the mouth.

    Rita followed Katrina’s path,
    And had built to a healthy wrath.

    It looked like Galveston was on the roast,
    But she turned and headed for the Louisiana coast.

    Rita was making her run to become a category five,
    We all saw her and knew that she was quite alive.

    Rita hit Lake Charles as a category three,
    And she was still strong enough to toddle the biggest tree.

    Lake Charles will never be the same,
    But, don’t count them out, they got game.

    FEMA and the Red Cross scrambled,
    Now there were two locations mangled.

    Louisiana has been hit hard this year,
    But the people here are survivors it’s clear.

    Here we are, and here we are going to stay,
    No matter what comes our way.

    R. A. Guillot
    September 2005

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    Hurricane Katrina

    Katrina is coming, coming our way,
    The damage she will cause is going to stay,
    Katrina is coming, coming our way.

    First she put South Florida in her path,
    But they didn’t feel her full wrath.

    She turned to go due west,
    And started to build to a healthy crest.

    The front that came from the north was not strong weather,
    So Katrina decided, going North for her, would be better.

    As she approached the main land,
    Katrina started to turn up some sand.

    For Grand Isle she would cross,
    And leave not even a little moss.

    To Mississippi she was headed,
    And there would be much damage to her credit.

    Katrina is coming, coming our way,
    The damage she will cause is going to stay,
    Katrina is coming, coming our way.

    As she passed by the Big Easy,
    Things here got a little crazy.

    To the city of New Orleans the Mayor said “Evacuate,”
    Because a city of death this storm would make.

    Katrina rose to a category five,
    And we all knew she was no dive.

    To New Orleans she brought sorrow,
    Just how much, we would find out on the marrow.

    Of the wind and rain, the city did take,
    But the flood was brought on by the levee break.

    The flood was great and immense,
    So much that the pumps could not dispense.

    Katrina is coming, coming our way,
    The damage she will cause is going to stay,
    Katrina is coming, coming our way.

    Many stayed in the Super Dome,
    They crowded together like a family of gnome.

    Thousands went to the Convention Center,
    Afterwards, it was a place no one wished to enter.

    Thousands and thousands decided to stay home,
    It left them with no place to roam.

    The water rose to the roof tops,
    And through the attic the hatchets made their chops.

    On the roofs some did survive,
    But, to the roof tops, others did not arrive.

    Others again were abandoned and helpless,
    To the country it seemed to be hopeless.

    Katrina is coming, coming our way,
    The damage she will cause is going to stay,
    Katrina is coming, coming our way.

    FEMA came in right away, it is quite clear,
    They came to help and settle our fear.

    The Red Cross came to rent cars,
    In Baton Rouge, at night, you’ll find them in bars.

    All the ones who came to help the people,
    Seemed to treat us as a third world without a steeple.

    Going to church isn’t a practice we need,
    It is something the good people here, already do indeed.

    We already know how to live right,
    Because it is something we do day and night.

    What we NEED is a little help,
    Not to be treated like so much sea kelp.

    Katrina has come our way,
    Her damage will forever stay,
    Katrina has come our way.

    R. A. Guillot
    August 2005

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    Thanks for letting everyone know I am still above ground. I guess Davy Jones isn’t ready to claim me yet. I am back in the Big Easy and back to work in New Orleans Airport tomorrow morning. My apartment is alright . The looters knocked my door in, but my apt complex replaced it already. The bad guys only wanted the electronics, my bed room set, and my jewlery. They were nice enough to leave me some furniture. Right now I am using the computer at work that was set up for Avis employee use in the New Orleans Airport.

    I was getting quite tired of living in a rented car. I have been sleeping in my rental car since Katrina hit New Orleans. Tonight will be the first time I get to spend at home and sleeping on the floor sounds good after what I just went through. I also have all my clothes so now I have more than three changes of clothes to wear. Noone in the New Orleans area went unscathed by Katrina, she was hard on us all and harder on most than you would ever understand.

    I also lost my only vehicle. It did alright with the storm. I left it on high ground at the airport. It was on the highest ground in all of New Orleans. The problem was that the Army wanted the ground my vehicle was occuping. So in true form of the U S Army, they attacked with predjudice. They broke in my driver side window only to find my vehicl;e would not go into neutral unless the key is in the on position. They didn’t let that bother them, because they are the Army and they can overcome any obsticale. So they just bulldosed it out of their way. It must have been so important this was done that by the time I found out what had happened they had already done what ever it was I was in the way of and decided to park their vehicles in a different section of the parking lot and where I was park was now completly empty. So now I am without a vehicle. I can’t rent a car from my company for ever because I am working just to rent cars. i don’t know what to do. I am almost completly wipped out.

    I would go to Scotland and live with my children, but I need to stay here to care for my Mother. She is 84 years old and I need to spend her last years with her. I already missed so many years while spending over twenty years in the Navy.

    Thanks again for you post

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    Hurricane Cindy wasn’t too bad. Hurricane Dennis was really bad for Alabama and Florida. Do we have any shipmates who live there? Here is something I wrote while he was hitting the beach in Florida.

    Hurricane Dennis

    We saw what Cindy had in store for us
    Now we have to deal with Dennis
    Whom it turns out is much the mennis.

    He crossed over the Carribeans,
    And headed for Cuba,
    No one was out that day with scuba.

    After he crossed over the Island of Cuba,
    He wanted a holiday and went to the Keys,
    But they were ready for him and didn’t fall to their knees.

    Dennis having proved, that he could be rough on trees,
    He headed northwest,
    Just like all the rest.

    Dennis thought he was going to be the best,
    He speed along in the gulf at thirteen,
    And then gained enough miles per hour to raise to fourteen.

    Dennis tried to get it up to fifteen,
    Maybe if he had some viagra,
    There would not be so much staga.

    Maybe he really needed a pina colada,
    He seemed to be headed for Mobile Bay,
    But the closer to shore he got the more he began to sway.

    Right before hitting shore he seemed to lose his way.
    And turned straight for Florida,
    Maybe, he WAS in need for a pina colada.

    R. A. Guillot

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    I guess we missed another storm and survived Hurricane Cindy. here is something I wrote about her during the night of the storm.

    Hail! Hail! Here comes Cindy,
    She is quite windy.
    For a tropical storm she is very small,
    So we didn’t have too much of a ball.
    We begged her to go away,
    But all she did was lean and sway.
    Cindy visited Grand Isle,
    And she had a little style.
    She came into N’Orleans,
    And she was just crawlin’.
    It turned out Cindy was a little mad,
    After the weather man lied about her so bad.
    Cindy went over the Lake,
    With just a little shake.
    She then went to Mississippi State,
    Because they were on her slate.
    Although she began with a little windy swirl,
    It turned out she was just a little Cindy girl.

    R. A. Guillot

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    Sorry I couldn’t make it to the reunion this year. How was everything in San Diego? Has anything changed since the old days? I bet everything is different. I haven’t had a day off this whole month. I should have this comming Wednesday and Thursday off but there is no guarantee. How about everyone sending me an email and let me know what happened this weekend.

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    Paul, How long does it take after you post a picture for it to show up? Also, when will the fliers about the reunion come in. I haven’t seen anything on it yet. Did someone lose my mailing address?

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    Would that be the Mike Thompson from OS Div who used to complain if he didn’t get two sweet rolls for breakfast? Well, don’t forget that the birthday cakes are for everyone that month and not just you.

    Ricky, AKA Cookie

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    GO NAVY!! That’s the way to beat Army!!

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    Every day I feel a little more lost. Without Bob it will be especally difficult. We have truly lost a great friend and fellow shipmate. It will be hard to imagine a reunion without Red Dog.

    R. A. Tony Guillot

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    We are getting ready for Ivan to hit the coast here in Louisiana. All the Gators and nutra are running for higfh ground. I am going to work and keep watch over the shop. As usual when I am in the line of danger again. I can’t help myself, it just happens that way. So what do I think of Ivan the Hurricane,just read on.

    I knew Ivan when he was just a little blow,
    I kicked him in the but and said don’t you come here no mo’.

    Ivan said he would just wait,
    and come back when he was tall and straight.

    So he came over to scrape the Caribbean’s,
    And he also ran by the Cubans.

    He tried to come to The Big Easy,
    But Ivan was just a little too sleazy.

    So I kicked him again and sent Ivan east to Bamy,
    We told him it was time for him to visit his Mamy.

    in reply to: Bob Richards #2071

    Bob, You have always been a tough and stand up guy. I’m sure you’ll get over this soon. Ricky

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