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    your husband was well repected from his crew of the uss ashtabula he care about his crew he was one on one i enjoyed working under your husband and i am saddenned of his death i know i speak for all of us i made the west pack and was on the decomisioning crew i do have to say i do remember going to captains mass and he had to take my stripe but i remember he was fair and of course know body wants to go ther but i actulaa resepected him i remember back then after mast we had to go get our id from capt ready and he would sit down in his staterooom and talk to you one on one and he made you feel at home he said he didnt want to take my stripe but he had to iknew that was his job besides it was my fault my prayers are with you and family i will never forget your husband he was good man and i was honored to serve under him on the uss ashtabula god bless!

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    hey jef little late me but yes navy won again hey jeff i work here at the academy run shipping and rceivng here see theses guys every day

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    ok wittier heres another sotry when are ship was in singapore ithink you were on there then the night before i got hooted up with some locales and was due back in the morning i almost missed ships movement i was coming back in a small boat and they were at sea and anchor detail i will never forget yes lost my stipe too i did earn thaat name wild bill

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    hey i might have to look i have atrunk full of stuff never threw anything awy i will get back to you trying to remember your name dam its been awhile

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