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    I really enjoy checking into this site from time to time and reading what others post, I believe Ron York’s message about getting involve moved me and none of us are getting any young. I am make plans to be at the 2012 Branson reunion. I have been in contact with Keith Carlson from time to time; I will see if he can make the reunion also. Hope to see you there.
    Doug Glisson

    in reply to: VADM (Ret.) John “Jack” Ready-Notice of Death #2322

    Mrs. Ready,

    The Ashtabula was my first duty station under the command of your husband. I know the crew and myself had the greatest respect for Capt Jack Ready; He was and outstanding leader and mentor to many young sailors like myself. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

    God bless you
    SKC (Ret) Doug Glisson

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    Glad to hear that, I went to Golden Corral on the 16th and it was the same way. I had a great meal and enjoyed all the sea-stories.

    in reply to: Traditional Army / Navy game #2276

    Wasn’t much of a game, Navy cleaned up the Army 34-0. I believe this win make 7 years in a roll now. “GO NAVY”

    Doug Glisson

    in reply to: Shipmate #2271

    My prays and condolences go out to Jerald’s Family.

    Doug Glisson

    in reply to: last west-Pac #2251


    I did know the Witter Brothers back then. Not sure when you left Deck Div but i got there mid 1981. Some guys i knew pretty good back then was Keith Carlson, Jim Hatter(Madhatter), Carrol Brand those are a few guys you may recall. I knew SK3 Newby ,and SK Cameron. Cameron is the guy i use to talk to about stiking for SK. After the Bula, i got to my next ship and changed my rate to SK.


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    Thanks, that would be great if you could find that citation. If you have a cruise book still I was in 1ST Division.

    Doug Glisson

    in reply to: Any Supply types out there besides Sanchez & Glisson? #2245


    I just read this one, no problem, I always tell folks I started out in 1st Div. Had a great time in deck division except when we use to run the needle guns (chipping and paint), and cleaning out that greasy water in the base of the wenches.

    I enjoyed the swim call but, I remember when I hit the water I didn’t waste any time get over to the latter. P.I. was a great port call I liked going to the Cockeyed Cowboy, does anyone remember that bar.

    Doug Glisson

    in reply to: Web Master #2253

    Schuyler Langdon,

    Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this web site. I have enjoyed this site very much. It has bought back alot of good memories. I don’t have any Alaskan King Crab to send to you, but if I ever get to meet you I will buy you a Sea Food platter.

    Doug Glisson

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    Anyone that was onboard for the last west-Pac should remember we picked up some Vietnamese refuges, and dropped them off in PI, and I believe Hong Kong. We were then awarded the Humanitarian Ribbon. If anyone has a copy of the actual citation I would great appreciate a copy of this. If you have one, please let me know so I can give you my mailing address.

    Doug Glisson (1981- Decom)

    in reply to: Super Bowl 42 Between Patriots & NY Giants #2229


    The Patriots have already set new records with the most consecutive win they may as well win it all and set some more. My teams long gone anyway but i know it will be a good Super Bowl.


    in reply to: hello bula shipmates #2131


    That is something all that happened to you after you left the Bula. Its good that you were able to continue your Navy service in the Navy Reserves. After i left the Bula i went to the Uss Worden CG-18 then on to shore duty for 2yrs. I had a 6year break in the Navy, and also re-joined in the Navy Reserves and i am still in the Navy Reserve. i have approx. 21years of combined Active Navy and Navy Reserve. I am an SKC not sure if i can are will make Senoir Chief but i will be retiring in 2010 with just under 24years. It has been fun over these many years but i always know i got my start right there on the good ol Ashtabula.

    I am planning on going to my first bula reunion this summer. I am looking forward to it. Keith Carlson will also be there he is a great guy and i am looking forward to seeing him again after 20 plus years

    Talk to you later on

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    I live in Southern Illinois right by St. Louis Mo. right now it is down in the single digits. Where does your bother live? Have you been to any of the Bula reunions. Did you stay in the Navy are get out?


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    I remeber all off these guys you mentioned (Joe Herman, Karl Leibe, Nick Wohlfarth & Ray Sparber). Do you remember Carroll Bran in 1st Div. he was from North are South Carolina a good ol country boy. I still have my Bula cruise book and some pictures from back then. I do remember you and your brother.

    Doug Glisson

    in reply to: Holiday Routines onboard the ” Bula “ #2223

    I remember the smokers. there were two guys that fought i believe there names were McCormick and White i don’t remember the ratings; but Mccormick came around with a hay maker an nailed white and broke his nose. There is one more i remember one of the guys names was Grammett (not sure of the spelling ) anway that was more like a circus act than a fought it was funny they were both in 1st Div. the referee was BM2 (something) i can’t remeber his name but he was real hit strung kind of like a little bull dog short a stocky. He use to get mad alot and go off in the 1st Div. berthing area. does anyone remeber this guy. are any of these to fights.

    This years reunion is in Springfield Illinois i hope to see some of you. Kieth Carlson i hope to see you there.

    Anyway hope this brings back some more memories you all can share.

    Doug Glisson

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