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    Hi Doug,
    Don’t know why they put me in the Operations Department. The only thing I did for them was my collateral duty in the Crypto Room.

    You might remember CWO Bos’n Adrian Marai (sp)?. He brought back a Teak Cat Boat from Hongkong.

    I retired in 1973 off the USS Forrestal CV 59 in Va Beach. Worked for Newport News Shipbuilding then came out here to IF in 1989 with the Newport News Reactor Services to inactivate the Prototype Nuclear Power Plant used on the USS Nautilus. (S1W) We just decided to retire again and stay in this beautiful small town.

    Have fun,
    Russ Cawley

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    Well hello Shipmates,
    You may remember me as the Disbursing Officer in a white hardhat with a dollar sign on the front of it and later as the Supply Officer. I went aboard the Ashtabula in summer of 61 in Sasebo, Japan and left her in Yokosuka, Japan the summer of 1963.

    I remember being highlined over to a Carrier with my money bag to pickup YEN for the crew in early 1962 just prior to entering Yokosuka, Japan. Can’t remember my Disbusung Clerk, but he was one great guy that payed attention to detail.

    When you have the chance Email me or stop by the hpose in Idaho Falls, ID and we will definitely SPLICE THE MAINBRACE.

    Regardsa to all,
    Russ Cawley

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