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I was assigned to the Bula in 77, still living in barracks until the berthing spaces got done in dry dock , made westpac 78-79 that went to Australia, J.R.Batzler was the C.O. then Renee Leeds, then B. D.(Bad Dog) Woods. I think the Bosn’s mate that was mentioned was Mao. funny how I remember these names. I also remember the Chief Engineer Patch that smashed his head running up a ladder, hit the hatch that was closed- OUCH!!!.

I was a BT -(Zeke) was the nick name. !! 3 AROUND !!
I live in California in the same town where the ASH was mothballed, I went out to see her a couple of times.. I have a cruise book with allot of pics.

The bula was sunk because she was in battle in WW2. If their not in battle they become scrap.
I remember the smiley face on the super structure. Happy Ash. cant forget the theme song to Hawaii 5-0.

Turn two
Pete DeFroscia