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We are getting ready for Ivan to hit the coast here in Louisiana. All the Gators and nutra are running for higfh ground. I am going to work and keep watch over the shop. As usual when I am in the line of danger again. I can’t help myself, it just happens that way. So what do I think of Ivan the Hurricane,just read on.

I knew Ivan when he was just a little blow,
I kicked him in the but and said don’t you come here no mo’.

Ivan said he would just wait,
and come back when he was tall and straight.

So he came over to scrape the Caribbean’s,
And he also ran by the Cubans.

He tried to come to The Big Easy,
But Ivan was just a little too sleazy.

So I kicked him again and sent Ivan east to Bamy,
We told him it was time for him to visit his Mamy.