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I guess we missed another storm and survived Hurricane Cindy. here is something I wrote about her during the night of the storm.

Hail! Hail! Here comes Cindy,
She is quite windy.
For a tropical storm she is very small,
So we didn’t have too much of a ball.
We begged her to go away,
But all she did was lean and sway.
Cindy visited Grand Isle,
And she had a little style.
She came into N’Orleans,
And she was just crawlin’.
It turned out Cindy was a little mad,
After the weather man lied about her so bad.
Cindy went over the Lake,
With just a little shake.
She then went to Mississippi State,
Because they were on her slate.
Although she began with a little windy swirl,
It turned out she was just a little Cindy girl.

R. A. Guillot