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Hurricane Cindy wasn’t too bad. Hurricane Dennis was really bad for Alabama and Florida. Do we have any shipmates who live there? Here is something I wrote while he was hitting the beach in Florida.

Hurricane Dennis

We saw what Cindy had in store for us
Now we have to deal with Dennis
Whom it turns out is much the mennis.

He crossed over the Carribeans,
And headed for Cuba,
No one was out that day with scuba.

After he crossed over the Island of Cuba,
He wanted a holiday and went to the Keys,
But they were ready for him and didn’t fall to their knees.

Dennis having proved, that he could be rough on trees,
He headed northwest,
Just like all the rest.

Dennis thought he was going to be the best,
He speed along in the gulf at thirteen,
And then gained enough miles per hour to raise to fourteen.

Dennis tried to get it up to fifteen,
Maybe if he had some viagra,
There would not be so much staga.

Maybe he really needed a pina colada,
He seemed to be headed for Mobile Bay,
But the closer to shore he got the more he began to sway.

Right before hitting shore he seemed to lose his way.
And turned straight for Florida,
Maybe, he WAS in need for a pina colada.

R. A. Guillot