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Thanks for letting everyone know I am still above ground. I guess Davy Jones isn’t ready to claim me yet. I am back in the Big Easy and back to work in New Orleans Airport tomorrow morning. My apartment is alright . The looters knocked my door in, but my apt complex replaced it already. The bad guys only wanted the electronics, my bed room set, and my jewlery. They were nice enough to leave me some furniture. Right now I am using the computer at work that was set up for Avis employee use in the New Orleans Airport.

I was getting quite tired of living in a rented car. I have been sleeping in my rental car since Katrina hit New Orleans. Tonight will be the first time I get to spend at home and sleeping on the floor sounds good after what I just went through. I also have all my clothes so now I have more than three changes of clothes to wear. Noone in the New Orleans area went unscathed by Katrina, she was hard on us all and harder on most than you would ever understand.

I also lost my only vehicle. It did alright with the storm. I left it on high ground at the airport. It was on the highest ground in all of New Orleans. The problem was that the Army wanted the ground my vehicle was occuping. So in true form of the U S Army, they attacked with predjudice. They broke in my driver side window only to find my vehicl;e would not go into neutral unless the key is in the on position. They didn’t let that bother them, because they are the Army and they can overcome any obsticale. So they just bulldosed it out of their way. It must have been so important this was done that by the time I found out what had happened they had already done what ever it was I was in the way of and decided to park their vehicles in a different section of the parking lot and where I was park was now completly empty. So now I am without a vehicle. I can’t rent a car from my company for ever because I am working just to rent cars. i don’t know what to do. I am almost completly wipped out.

I would go to Scotland and live with my children, but I need to stay here to care for my Mother. She is 84 years old and I need to spend her last years with her. I already missed so many years while spending over twenty years in the Navy.

Thanks again for you post