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Hurricane Rita

Just when we thought we had had enough,
Along came Rita in the rough.

Like all before, she started out as nothing,
Came into the Gulf of Mexico, and became something.

The Big Easy was just drained,
When we saw Rita we were much pained.

They patched the levee break,
Which was a piece of cake.

But with another storm coming in,
We were afraid of another of natures sin.

Rita passed the city, to the South,
And flooded the Ninth Ward again, like a punch in the mouth.

Rita followed Katrina’s path,
And had built to a healthy wrath.

It looked like Galveston was on the roast,
But she turned and headed for the Louisiana coast.

Rita was making her run to become a category five,
We all saw her and knew that she was quite alive.

Rita hit Lake Charles as a category three,
And she was still strong enough to toddle the biggest tree.

Lake Charles will never be the same,
But, don’t count them out, they got game.

FEMA and the Red Cross scrambled,
Now there were two locations mangled.

Louisiana has been hit hard this year,
But the people here are survivors it’s clear.

Here we are, and here we are going to stay,
No matter what comes our way.

R. A. Guillot
September 2005