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Grant Smith

Greeting to All fellow Bula sailors
My name is Grant Smith, I was on the Decom crew. I arrived in 81 and was there until the end. I loved the ship and crew. Had my 1st West-Pac (the bula’s last West Pac.) My 1st trip to the PI Thiland, Singapor and Hong Kong. I had know Ideal that this sight was here, but thank you too whom ever got this up and running. I was in 1st Div.. I loved doing the Unreps but hated the painting. I was lucky enough to lower the Bula’s ensign for the last time during the decom cerm. I still have one of the ensign flags that we flew during the last days of the Bula. When I left the Bula, I was lucky enough to stay at Pearl. I went to the Ouellet (FF 1077) and became a GMG. I miss the Bula and would love to here from any and all Bula members. I have several photos and the last cruise book. Take Care and God Bless. BULA FOREVER