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Hello Tammy, Very sorry to hear about your father. My name is Ray Olsen and was in A-gang with him in 1969 during Bula’s first West Pac cruise after Her Jumbo. I was MM2 and he was FA at that time, do not remember exactly when he came aboard, I was on before and during Jumbo. He worked with me for awhile maintaining the air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and units.
Remember him as a tall, dark haired kid with fairly deep voice, that was pretty much on the quiet side but yet stood up for himself when he knew he was right.
He also worked on and maintained the Capt.’s Gig with EN3 Dickey, as I believe David was Engineman designated or wanted to be.
The A-gang was a close group as I am sure most departments are, and all got along together.
Sorry I cannot help with more but hope some of the other guys run across your message and respond. Also feel free to respond if you have questions specific to that time, I may remember about.