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Raymond Venning

Hi, Tammy, my name is Ray Venning. I was on the Bula from 1969-1972 in R div. I just found the web site. I knew your father tho we weren’t real close. Different dep’t, different ends of the boat. My memory isn’t real good but if I remember right he was from or lived for awhile in Fairfield, Ca., my home town. I remember many times we sat on the fantail talking and smoking. It was the only place topside where you could smoke plus I hated being cooped up below decks.
I remember searching the ship for him. We made at least two full searches. Being in R div. we knew of places in the ship that most guys never knew existed. We searched them all. They even had aircraft from the carrier groups searching, plus we had turned around and searched as well. I never found out what happened. There were rumors but I don’t remember anything conclusive or official, Just lost at sea.
I’m sorry for your loss. It was a loss for all of us. I imagine you probably know more about this now than I do, but if you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me.