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Does anyone remember thge change of command when J.K. Ready took over the command of the ” BULA “? I Remember how the morale of the the ‘ BULA ” Went from almost nothing to 100% much better. would anyone want to comment on the change of the morale? i don’t know about you other shipmates but out of the 3 other ships that i was i was on, J.K. Ready had to be the best Skipper or captain that i have ever served under. I can hardly wait until i see VICE ADM. J.K. READY ( USN RETIRED ) AT ONE OF THE ” BULA ” Reunions, i’m planning on attending the reunion in Myrtle beach S.C. FOR THE 2009 Reunion for sure. I’m not sure about the 2008 Reunion. Do i have any comments regarding the 81’ change of command with Captain J.K. Ready taking over the command of the ” BULA ” FROM BAD DOG WOODS?