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That is something all that happened to you after you left the Bula. Its good that you were able to continue your Navy service in the Navy Reserves. After i left the Bula i went to the Uss Worden CG-18 then on to shore duty for 2yrs. I had a 6year break in the Navy, and also re-joined in the Navy Reserves and i am still in the Navy Reserve. i have approx. 21years of combined Active Navy and Navy Reserve. I am an SKC not sure if i can are will make Senoir Chief but i will be retiring in 2010 with just under 24years. It has been fun over these many years but i always know i got my start right there on the good ol Ashtabula.

I am planning on going to my first bula reunion this summer. I am looking forward to it. Keith Carlson will also be there he is a great guy and i am looking forward to seeing him again after 20 plus years

Talk to you later on