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I remember the smokers. there were two guys that fought i believe there names were McCormick and White i don’t remember the ratings; but Mccormick came around with a hay maker an nailed white and broke his nose. There is one more i remember one of the guys names was Grammett (not sure of the spelling ) anway that was more like a circus act than a fought it was funny they were both in 1st Div. the referee was BM2 (something) i can’t remeber his name but he was real hit strung kind of like a little bull dog short a stocky. He use to get mad alot and go off in the 1st Div. berthing area. does anyone remeber this guy. are any of these to fights.

This years reunion is in Springfield Illinois i hope to see some of you. Kieth Carlson i hope to see you there.

Anyway hope this brings back some more memories you all can share.

Doug Glisson