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Raymond Venning

Yeah, Willy I remember you too. Glad I found this forum. I don’t have my cruise books handy as their in storage but I think I remember Slominski. We called him Ski, 3rd class SF, right? I see Mr. Dykes is signed on here too. I’ll have to email him if he doesn’t show up here soon. Same with Ron York, he was on the next 2 cruises after you left. I saw lou Lambden and Mike Grillo about 3 or 4 yrs ago. Mike lives about 40 miles from me and Lou was out here on vacation so we got together for dinner once. I might still have Lou’s phone number, I’ll have to check. He was retired from the Baltimore FD and Mike had just retired from the Hayward, Ca. FD.

I haven’t been to yet but I’ll do that after I cruise this site for awhile. Great hearing from you, don’t forget to muster in once in awhile.