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Stephen Cobb

I served as signalman during the years of 71 and 1/2 -75…my whole time! I tried for my entire four years to get out of the Navy…but now I am thankful to the Lord that He never saw it as in His will for me to allow me to get out. It was one of the best times of my life and as a result I went to college and became a teacher. I have now taught for about 20 some years. I also went into the Army National Guards and retired after 20. I am currently living in El Salvador as a teacher/missionary. I have written several books and have also recorded several music CDs.
I don’t know if anyone remembers the time we were to unrep with the USS Iwo Jima. We almost had a collision with them…guess who was on the bridge at the time? You guessed it…I never misread a message after that. I remember being really reamed by the Capt. I think it was McConnell or something like that. Whew! Those days as a teenager and early 20’s on board the Ash.
Since that time I have traveled back to PI several times to work as a missionary.
I remember eating at a pastor’s home in Olongopo being served a fish head! I told God that I never wanted to be a missionary…well here I am…still have not eaten any fish heads though…only Burger King and Pizza Hut for me.
I would love to find out what happened to SM1 Phillip J. Roberts.